Dialogue between artist and artisan

Milla Vaahtera’s works are created in tight cooperation by the artist and skilled artisans. The process is based on communication and is open, leaving room for insight and indefinite opportunities. Vaahtera is interested in the role of intuition and chance in art – the final work may be something completely different compared to the first sketch. Her items are made of brass and glass and by hand from scratch. The glass parts are blown in Nuutajärvi by Sani Lappalainen, Pauli Vähäsarja, Otto Koivuranta, Jonas Paajanen, Henni Eliala, Tommi Tikkinen and Paula Pääkkönen. The brass parts are made by silversmith Kirsi Kokkonen and Milla Vaahtera. When working with these materials, Vaahtera wants to discover their preferred forms of being. She finds the final form of the item by listening to the material.

At the end of such open process full of opportunities, the resulting artwork is bound to be animate by nature. Vaahtera says the mobile and stabile decorations that sway by the power of touch or airflow are giving us a performance.

Dialogi – Milla Vaahtera x Artek


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