Institut finlandais x Lokal: Ensemble

The return of a collaboration between Institut finlandais in Paris and Lokal Gallery in Helsinki
Discover a new collection of sustainable, handmade art, craft and design on sale at Institut finlandais from 26 April to 14 September 2024.

The new selection, curated in the spirit of sharing, invites us to take the time to gather and spend time together. Nine contemporary designers are showcasing their ceramic, wood and glass pieces, while the collaboration with Lapuan Kankurit continues to bring you modern, sustainable household linen.

Presenting the following creators:
Alpo Ahokas
Ville Aakula
Saija Halko
Antrei Hartikainen
Linda Laitinen
Nathalie Lautenbacher
Laura Pehkonen
Milla Vaahtera
Julia Töyrylä
Lapuan Kankurit

minä perhonen elävä II



Softly colored Milla Vaahtera mobile by @millavaahtera
A collection of works from the beginning to the present, as they color the space of elävä II, now available to view in a variety of ways.

"Dialogue" originated from improvisation to interact with glass makers at Finland's oldest glass workshop "Nuutajärvi".
"Sculptural Lights" with a light on the inside of the glass.
You can see that the theme and interest have gradually changed in the works as part of our organic, plant-themed collaboration "Secret Garden".
201, 1-2-11 Higashi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0031


Matias Karsikas, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Milla Vaahtera


The spring anthem, composed by three contemporary artists, is sung in their own distinct voices. The hymn is sung to the soon-to-bud spring blossoms, to the images and forms sprouting from within us. It is sung to ceramics, glass, textiles, the creation and birthing of works, 
Finnish design and our far-reaching tradition of hand-crafting. The anthem is first sung alternately as a turn song between the three, and finally it is sung in unison.
Lokal Gallery Annankatu 9 Helsinki

The event took place 5th  March 2024 in Ambassador’s Residence Oslo.

Finnish Design Embassy is a trade project that offers unique access into the International Market for design companies operating in Finland.

Goldsmith Kulmala & glass artist Milla Vaahtera
at the Finnish Ambassador’s Residence
in Oslo


New Studio

Welcome to visit when in Porvoo :)