Lintumaa Installation

As a part of Norhern Alps Art Festival

I interpret the forest theme by creating sculptures of glass and brass inspired by the small flora of the forest floor. Imaginary plant sculptures are large and they react to the forest around them by colour, sound and movement. Mosses, small berries and flowers grow large. With this approach, I seek to create the experience of wonder that a small child will experience in the woods. I want to recreate the same experience for an adult who has often forgotten about it. The installation glass parts have been created in a traditional glass village of Nuutajärvi Finland in collaboration with glassblowers. We want to revitalize the traditional crafts and use them in contemporary art.

2020-2021 Open in Omachi Japan October 2021

Thank You 

Norhern Alps Art Festival Commetee
Akira Minagawa
Hotshop team Paula Pääkkönen, Otto Koivuranta, Sani Lappalainen, Jonas Paajanen and Pauli Vähäsarja
Metal team Kirsi Kokkonen and Maaria Pihlajamäki