ration with Jonathan Capps

Fulbright art grant recipient Jonathan Capps (USA) has been living and working in Nuutajärvi Glass Village for almost a year. Jonathan Capps and Nuutajärvi Gallery Co-op have worked together in producing the 2019 summer exhibition in Nuutajärvi. Almost 30 glass artists are taking part to this exhibition. Each artist has a connection to Nuutajärvi and has collaborated with Capps somehow during the year, for example producing their artwork or planning how to exhibit it.

Milla Vaahtera did 6 mobiles in collaboration with Jonathan Capps

Why Not – Finnish American Art Glass


Why Not – Finnish American Art Glass -exhibition is open
31.5.–1.9.2019 every day 11–16. Free entrance.

Nuutajärvi Glass Village
Pruukinraitti 15, 31160 Nuutajärvi, Finland


Glassblowing  by Jonathan Capps, Henna Holopainen, Markus Aremo, Sani Lappalainen, Julia Töyrylä And Kaisa Reponen

Metalwork by Milla Vaahtera and Kirsi Kokkonen